Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Makoshika Video

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"Makoshika Video" was recorded last winter all over the country. Some of it at Charlie's house in NJ, some at Rising Star studios in Blackwood NJ, some at South Hills Music in Pittsburgh, PA, and some at my house at Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. Most of the recording was done in the studios in Nov. & Dec. 2013. The album is a small fraction of what was actually recorded. As time went on we carved it down to our favorite takes and a theme started to emerge. We were watching an old video of our '01 trip to the badlands one night after a recording session and listening to the playback to it.  The video was a vhs tape.  we liked the juxtaposition and decided to dedicate this album to that experience. We also made some videos (below.)

jake & charlie played -
fender strat electric guitar
epiphone eb3 electric bass
various studio drum kits
korg N5ex synthesizer
korg mini synthesizer
samples recorded at badlands national park, south dakota
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thanks for watching & listening.

album art front:


here's the album, individual tracks on our soundcloud page as well -

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