Sunday, October 25, 2015

Aumega Project

Hey, we've partnered with Aumega Project who will be helping get out the CV word on upcoming projects. Check out their page and other artists involved. Support starving artists.


paria adventures

Went on an adventure in the Paria wilderness area with some good people a few weeks ago. click on a photo to make biggerer

Perri attempting to climb out

Perri on a precipice

Perri snapshot

3 weirdos

what the...


a toadstool

sand & wall textures


Paria reflections

cave dwellers

the windows

ang, ellyse, me, & perri

giant cougar taking a drink

trail to buckskin gulch

in wire pass area

ray in buckskin

lonely tree in buckskin gulch

tying to be ferocious


ray, ellyse, & ang

ray & ang climb back down

trying an album cover pose