Thursday, August 18, 2016

Wonder Mine - Release Date

Dear All,
our new album "Wonder Mine" will be available on Sept. 3. We will have cds, cassettes, and free downloads. 

Fossil Bay Remix

A sneak peak into our next album "Rewilding," here's a track called "Fossil Bay Remix" and some footage of a hike i did at the canyon a couple weeks ago at Jump Up Point. The original "Fossil Bay" appeared on our first record "Atlas." 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Makoshika Video remastered

Hey there, 
We've remastered our last album "Makoshika Video" and posted it to our bandcamp page for free download/name your own price. Soon we will have CDs and cassettes available of all of our releases. Including our newest "Wonder Mine" which will be out very soon. 


Prismatic Spring

Dear Friends, We've just finished remastering and releasing "Prismatic Spring." This album was recorded and released originally in 2014. It is available for free down load or name your own price. 

Prismatic Spring was the album from which the "Unkar Delta" EP was an extension of. 

the album art for these was done by our friend June Sanchez