Tuesday, January 17, 2012

November's Sound Awareness

Made this mix in November. Doesn't have a theme really, just a bunch of my favorite songs i was playing at the time. Tried uploading more mixes, but soundcloud wouldn't let me due to copyrights. Understandable, but so many others upload mixes, not sure why they singled me out, fuckers. 

Tracklisting: (song title/artist) 

1. Jumbleo Palipest / Turn On 
2. Chimera / Pattern & Shape 
3. Indisches Panorama II / The Inner Space 
4. Ein Leid Fur Frau Thyssen-Henne / The Exposures 
5. Avoyager / Fujimoto Tetsuro 
6. Im Orient / The Inner Space 
7. The Japanese Ornithologist / Klaus Weltman 
8. The Flight of the Raven / Emerald Web 
9. Chapter 24 / Pink Floyd 
10. Magick Power / Opal 
11. Svolta Definitiva / Ennio Morricone 
12. Leaving / Antonio Vuolo & Elio Grande 
13. Four In Five / Jupiter Tuning Center 
14. In Kalkutta III / The Inner Space 
15. Hot Buns / Mario Nascimbene 
16. Terreza Vuota / Ennio Morricone 
17. Trans-Waterfall / Solar Bears

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Echoes Inside (so far)

We've been writing a lot of material lately, since about mid-October '11 when we recorded a bunch of sounds on the North Rim, AZ over a 2-week span. Experiencing the canyon in-between recording sessions influenced us.  Our goal is to gather as much material as possible and see where the voyage takes us. 

 Playlist of tracks made this past year:

 1. Quitobaquito 2. Ursa1 3. Echoes Inside 4. The Harp Articulate 5. Guilt of Departure 6. Natural Sounds 7. Triple Phase of Sky 8. Wing Slap 9. Cool Aqua Marine 10. Localized Aurora

More to come....