Thursday, June 11, 2015

learnin' xylophone

never too late to learn a new instrument. picked up this xylo at a thrift store about 15 years ago and never played it, thought it was about time. hope it makes a nice addition to our sounds. 


some pictures from around the north rim this spring. [click to enlarge]

 hazy sunset from Fire Pt.

 sage and the Muav Saddle

looking toward Powell Plateau

 pines in the canyon

 road to Fire Pt.

 mt. hayden with a storm passing through.

 ken patrick trail and view.

 mt. hayden panorama.

 steamy mt. hayden.

 view from Pt. Imperial.

 another look

 after the sun had gone down.

 man on the edge.

 sliver of visability.

 waterfall on the North Kaibab Trail.

 where we stay during inner canyon training

 ribbon falls & sky.

 Bright Angel Creek at Phantom Ranch.

stormy weather at Indian Garden..

highway 160 near Kayenta, on my way to Grand Canyon.