Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Atlas EP

Hello All, 

We just completed or first EP "Atlas", so here it is. This was recorded from November 2012 through April 2013 in various places such as North Rim, Grand Canyon N.P., Arizona, Surreal Studios Philadelphia, South Hills Music, Pittsburgh, my bedroom in Pittsburgh and Charlie's basement and living room in New Jersey. Special thanks to Kyle Pieloch who played organ on "live connected view, and bass on "fossil bay." we'll be taking a break for a bit due to circumstances (me moving back to arizona) but we've already begun recording and mentally processing the next project which will be resumed in about 3 weeks. That is tentatively due for posting next fall sometime. Here is the tracklisting for "Atlas:" 

1. exciting hold
2. hakatai
3. live connected view
4. virga
5. just islands
6. chun pop
7. sonoran somiloquy
8. at altitude
9. fossil bay

we really appreciate anyone who takes the time to listen. we realize we are amateurs and don't have the greatest recording equipment ect...THANKS!

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