Wednesday, January 30, 2013

newish material & what is going on?

Some sounds we made during our Philadelphia session in November. There's still more we're working on.   Going into the studio for another session next month. 

xxyy - made by charlie alone. a work in progress/incomplete. not sure we're going to work any more on it. 

trees - another made by charlie alone. 

sonoran somniloquy (isolated) - in reverence to my time living at death valley and long drives through the desert. 

chun pop - chun pop was a slang term from high school that we suddenly remembered but dont know what it actually meant. no other name could fit this. 

fossil bay - a place in grand canyon that i hiked into once. lots of fossils obviously. 

Decided to stop the whole "5 songs this week" theme. Ate up too much space on this site, plus nobody reads this anyway, plus i post all of the music i'm currently into on our tumblr page. no more redundancy:

So what's new? 

This cold winter in Pittsburgh. Living in the city, hovering around poverty line. Music is my only outlet and inlet. And fjord. And channel. It sustains me. Leaving for another season at the canyon sometime in April. Thats the other item that occupies my mind and dreams constantly. I am perfectly happy as long as i have the music and the canyon and my friends and family. this is not new. 

* should be vonnegut with a g


  1. Bummer about all the cold.
    Just listened to Fossil Bay and Really like it.
    See ya' on the NR.

  2. thanks gaelyn.

    yup. see ya soon!