Thursday, October 11, 2012

Toroweap & Nampaweap

Trekked out to the Toroweap Valley for the final time this season last week. Toroweap means "barren valley" and Nampaweap means "foot canyon" in Paiute. Nampaweap is located about 11 miles from the Toroweap overlook area and contains a vast number of petroglyphs left by people from 400 to 3000 years ago. Hence the name "foot canyon" as many people over a long time have traveled through this area and left their marks. (click to enlarge images)

Angel's Window, seen the day before the Toroweap trek on the North Rim

Antelope by the roadside 

Sunset at Toroweap, Lava Falls area

Petroglyph possibly showing corn

Rabbit Brush blooms near camp

Clouds at sunrise

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